Off Day

Guess what?

I was no even sore on Sunday–although instead of swimming a mile, I was happy to eek out a half mile.  I burned over 1700 calories Saturday (my calorie allowance is 1400), but only took in about 1350.  No gas in the tank for my swim on Sunday!

Today is a rest day. That’s a good thing–because I barely had time to do anything. Finished the last of a HUGE pile of grading, had the author of our textbook come visit class today, and had a very important meeting this evening. Cleaned the kitchen and am doing three loads of laundry. Tomorrow is busy, Wednesday and Thursday are even worse. Pretty soon, summer will come. Phew!

In the meantime, I look forward to a run tomorrow.

Until then, here’s my new mantra for the year:




I did something today I have never done before.

I completed a 24 mile bike ride followed by a 5 mile run–that is a hefty brick training session for me. It does give me confidence about my first Olympic triathlon on four weeks though!  I still have more time to train, and I’m nearly at a 10k after a really long (incredibly windy) bike ride.

To make it even better? I had my best 5k time in that 5 mile run–knocking almost 2 minutes off my best 5k ever. And that’s AFTER a long ride!

I remember not too long ago my very first “long” ride with Coach Dave. I did not know if I could make it the full ten miles–I remember feeling so HAPPY after finishing. Now if I don’t ride more than 10 miles, I feel like I haven’t done enough.

I also remember not too long ago calling my sister and telling her that after my bike ride (of probably only 6-7 miles), I immediately got of the bike and took Dulce for a walk–my first “brick” ever.  She was truly proud of me. She made me feel proud of myself, too.

I have had some amazing supporters over the years, Coach Dave and my sister chief among them. My husband is right up there, too (although today after I finished my run, he did say something like, “Great job, I’m really proud of you–although I still question your sanity.”  Can’t get better than that!

Tomorrow? Swim day. Monday? REST DAY!  I wish that meant rest from work too, but I don’t think that it does.  Oh well.

Time or Distance

I have debated this concept for a few years–as long as I have trained for Triathlon events.

Time or Distance?

I used to think:

Time = fast people

Distance = not fast people

But this article lays it out pretty well.  A little of both is a good thing.


In the meantime, still waiting to hear about my poor baby at the car shop. Here’s hoping it will be a quick and easy fix.

I’m not holding my breath.

In the scheme of things (the things my friends and students are going through right now), I’m pretty damned lucky!



Disappearing Act


I just got back from glorious New Mexico where I enjoyed the Aztec Ruins National Monument, the Bisti Na-De-Zin Wilderness Area, and an awesome historical conference for a few days.  Oh yes, and running on the treadmill thanks to juniper pollen explosions. . . .

Back at home again–swam a mile in under 38 minutes (wooot) and plan to ride tomorrow. I was supposed to ride after work today, but this happened and cramped my style.

Yup, that’s a 2000 Jetta. Nope, cannot afford another car until maybe September 2018. It starts fine, then it’s as if something shuts off the gas to the engine and it just dies within about 1-2 seconds. VW has not been able to figure it out yet. It’s GOTTA make it!

Instead, I dealt with that then graded two sets of exams. Whoopdeedoo.

One more huge stack of papers to do before Monday. Super excited about that. I love teaching, I hate grading.


Six Weeks Away

My first outdoor triathlon of the year and first Olympic triathlon e-v-e-r is May 22. Seems like that’s about six weeks away.


Last weekend after my 35 mile ride Saturday, I hit the pool Sunday morning. During my first push-off after 25 yards, something snapped in my knee. My bad knee: in 1991 I obliterated my ACL in a championship softball game and had a complete reconstruction. Both the injury and the surgery were the most pain I have ever felt in my entire life (no children). I admit that I freaked out a bit. At 50 yards, I stopped and looked at my knee–my inner knee. A pool of blood had already formed. I touched the black and blue mark–and it didn’t hurt. Something tore inside my knee. I kept swimming. Because I’m a triathlete. Duh. I just did not push off the pool much after that.

The doc said I have a level 1 tear in my goose foot (pez answering–is how I remembered the latin)–some sort of three-pronged tendons/muscles that bridge from quad/glute/stabilizer muscles and attach them to one’s knee. A week off running. So I have gone swimming and ridden my bike as much as my ridiculously busy schedule has allowed.

Friday? Swim:  2000 yards, testing my 1600 yard distance. Yesterday, I only had time for an 11 mile trainer ride. Today, I took my beautiful bike and matching #Vanderkitten kit out for a 25 mile ride, then hit the treadmill for 2.5 miles. My first brick of the year!

I had just read a post from a newbie, talking about how horrible that transition is–and what could she do to acclimate herself to it. Of course, I wrote “practice, practice, practice.”  Then I thought, “dang girl, you haven’t done one yet this year!”  Certainly it would be tough–I haven’t done a brick since the February triathlon!

It. Felt. Good. In fact, it hurt less to run than had I not done a brick!  Woot!  I can do this!

2016-04-10 12.38.03

Awesome Freakin’ Bike! Check out the new Selle Italia Gel Flow Women’s Saddle!

Awesome day for a ride


Bikin’ and Runnin’

Glorious weather here in Nebraska–although windy as all get out.

My aunt (Minnesotan) used to tell a joke about Nebraska’s wind:

Q:  What do Nebraskans do when the wind stops blowing?

A:  They fall down.

True. I rode my bike on Monday (no classes) for a glorious two-hour ride in 14mph winds and by the time I finished, winds gusted at over 25mph. Yesterday they gusted at over 40mph.

2016-03-28 13.35.11

I found out that I can take the long way to Dad’s gravesite and make it a 13 mile one way. I added a bunch more miles on the way home. I miss my dad every single day. Every. Single. One.

Gotta say it, I LOVE that new kit–and it is a whole size smaller than last year’s Vanderkitten VIP kit!

Today, a bit of a reprieve–but I had too much work to do. I ran on the treadmill when I got home.

Why on earth, woman, would you run inside with 70F weather and light winds?

Asthma, my dears. Asthma. Sometimes I cannot make it through class without losing my capacity to breathe–even with my steroids and albuterol and allergy meds. It’s that time of year.   FYI:  Asthma sucks a**.

I used to blame Juniper. Then I added Oak. Now I wonder if it’s also Ash’s fault. Why do I know so much about these things? My hubby counts the pollen for our area every single day. He asks me when he leaves for work, “am I going to be busy counting pollen today?”  Pollen counts, after all, are not what the count is today–but what it was over the past 24 hours.

My back hurt so much on Monday from struggling to breathe that I am still trying to stretch out the stiffness and soreness. Asthma sucks–but not as much as cancer, which is keeping a dear friend away from her passion of triathlon. So every time I feel like being lazy or not doing my distance, I add a little bit more for my friend, Colleen, fighting acute myelogenous leukemia. . . Love ya, sister.

My run today sucked a**, but I did it for Colleen!