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St. Louis Triathlon

Here’s another reason to do the St. Louis Triathlon (besides the awesome swag, the flat course, the awesome customer service, and the cool logo):

stl tri logo

The race director told me that he wants to increase women’s numbers in Triathlon, that 60/40 ain’t bad–but it could be better.  Everything he does, he does for his daughter–and I don’t think he’ll be mad at me for quoting an email he sent to me–because it is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a very long time.  This is why I’m helping promote this race.  For his daughter, and all the other young boys and girls out there, to motivate and inspire them to move and be part of the healthy generation.  He really touched me with this response:

When it comes to gender equality and the way women and young ladies perceive their own self-worth, well I think our generation is better than the last,
which is better than the one that was before it, but I want my daughter’s to be the one that finally gets it right.
I truly believe she will see strong beautiful women of every shape, size, age, and ability at this race and others,
and I hope they inspire her to show the same kind of strength throughout her life.  I can’t change the whole world, but I can do my small part.
Everything I do is for her – you are helping with that so thank you.

Triathlon and Running

I’m about to take the plunge, people.


Yes, I’m about to sign up for my first Olympic Triathlon.  The St. Louis Triathlon.

In preparation, I am starting this early to focus on speed, form, and distance.  Honestly, it’s part of the reason I did the Half Marathon–to prove to myself that I could go the distance.  I have lived with negativity toward myself in my head for too many years.  I’m trying to turn that around.  For my entire life, when someone told me that I could not do something, I would purposely do it to prove them wrong. Why I have not done this to the voice in my head?  I will never know–but I’m trying.  So I did the Half Marathon to prove that I could.  Frankly, I couldn’t run it all this year, but only because I started training too late.  So now I begin training for the Olympic. . .

I have been working on speed and form with my running.  I have broken my fastest (training) mile by 6-10 seconds the past two times I have run.  I’m pretty proud of that.

Tomorrow I switch out my back tires and start doing at least 10-20 miles every other day on my bike (more if I have time)–but my goal is to cut the amount of time it takes me to do those miles by a significant amount.  I’ll still use my old Trek Pilot 2.1 WSD, just because I don’t want to scratch up the pretty new bike.  Soon, however, I will be giving the trusty 2.1 to my niece–who could be a contender in Triathlon if she decides to truly take it seriously instead of just using it as a time to hang out with her friend (she’s 11, it’s awesome that’s her priority right now!)

I think I can handle this one–check out the drive-along Bike Route!

And, for those of you who might be Back of the Packers, here’s what the RACE DIRECTOR wrote on the race page the other day on FB:

“MSE Racing My wife once did a marathon where she was at the back of the group. By the time she completed it they had begun taking down the finisher shoot.
I know there are timelines, but she wasnt even close to last and it felt very disrespectful not to honor someone who had done the work to get to that finish line.
She earned that finish line.
We promised ourselves for our events that we wouldn’t ever repeat that mistake.

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Here’s a great write-up where you can read about it, too!  HERE


[just a little side note–ROADID is having an awesome sale right now! 15-50% off]

Cold means . . . swim!

There is something weird about me.

Okay, maybe a LOT of things.

One thing I know?  I love swimming when it’s really cold outside.  There’s just something about being in the overly warmed indoor pool when temps outside dip under 20.  Normally I cannot stand warm pools–too hard to get in a great workout.  But every now and then?  I love it!

Today, luckily, the pool temp was almost perfect–slight adjustment getting in, not too hot for a mile swim. This past Friday, I did a 200 warmup, then 2000 yards (I missed hearing my one mile buzzer go off on my Garmin 920xt), and another 200 cooldown.  Today, I went a little easier with just a 100WU, 800×2, then 100 cooldown.  In the meantime, I’ve done two short runs (cool that now my short runs are what long runs were just a couple of years ago) of 1.5-2 miles on the treadmill downstairs.  Finally, my pain cave has electricity again!

Tonight I switch out my rear Continental 4000 tire for my old trainer tire and start hitting the indoor trainer again.  I REALLY miss riding my bike.  A lot.

I have only ridden my poor new bike 27 miles so far this month.  Tragic.

That will end tonight.  Tonight . . . I ride!


Swimming Again

The past three weeks, I’ve been averaging two miles a week–just swimming twice a week. . . I’m a bit behind on my goals for the year.  Particularly cycling–which took a big hit during my training for the half marathon.


These appear a bit different, as my aspiration goals are a little different from my actual goals for the year.  Actually, running was the worst until the beginning of November.  For cycling, my aspiration goal was 1500, but I wasn’t sure if I could hit that this year–knowing how much I would be traveling and not by my bike.  Frustrated to be behind so far on swimming; although, it will be relatively easy to “catch up” if I do two miles a week through the end of the year.  Piece of cake.  Lately I’ve been swimming twice a week, a mile each time.  No problem.  Running?  That’ll be a bit more of a challenge.

Especially since I’m trying to give my hip and knee a bit of a rest from the “injury” I sustained on Halfsy day.  Turns out I may have some bursa issues, or IT band syndrome.  So, I just run a mile or two a couple of times a week.  I’m okay if I hit 250, happier if I hit 300.  Ecstatic if I hit 350.  It’s another way to focus on goals for next year after evaluating my seasonal output.

I’m pleased with today’s swim, by the way.  Even though I only swam 1100 yards, I spent today working on offside breathing.  Still horrible at it, but that’s my goal for the off-season.  Turns out I swim faster when breathing on the off-side.  Here’s what happens:

I panic and stroke faster to make sure I can breathe more often, which makes me out of breath more quickly, which makes me panic more–thus a great stroke turn-over, but not a great strategy!  HA!

Whatever.  I’m trying!

On a fun note, I’ve applied to be an ambassador for a variety of companies again (, Vanderkitten VIP, and a few others that I will share when the time is right).  Wish me luck!

AND!  I was the lucky winner of Better Late Than Never‘s give-away last week!  :-)  SO looking forward to receiving my prize.  I’m a peanut butter freak, and my mantra in life is “If it’s not chocolate, it’s wasted calories.”  Guess which one I chose as my prize?  Check it out:


Yesterday, honey and I went on a ride to my favorite trail, the one I usually post about that heads from my town to the Kansas border and beyond (eventually it’ll connect with a Kansas trail that will connect with Missouri’s Katy Trail).  The portion of the [Jamaica] Trail that starts in my town and heads south, however, is still closed due to serious washouts from summer storms (we’re getting far worse storms, much higher rainfall in short periods of time, than this community has ever experienced before).  We heard that the trail was open 6.5 miles south of town, so we drove there and headed out.  Trails closed, but they weren’t NEARLY as bad as the part we skipped.  Still, it was hard to see.  Big chunks missing, then lots of this–that I had to walk my bike across.  Into a strong headwind up the 1-3% grade, then a tailwind coming home–much more pleasurable!

Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail

The trail is supposed to be all impacted/crushed limestone, flat as a pancake.  The trail washed out in some places to reveal the big rock underneath, other places below that bigger rock to the netting, sometimes holes over 4′ deep.  So sad to see.  Here’s an article: READ.

Today?  Work ALL day.  This time of year I’m lucky to get any workouts in.  SO many papers and tests to grade, reading assignments, and committee work that can only be done in the final six weeks of the semester.  A bit of a sprint to the finish line.  But this year, I refuse to give in and stop working out.

Tomorrow evening, I will switch out the back tire on my trusted Pilot 2.1 WSD and set her on the trainer for the winter season.  I’ll steal my hubby’s music stand again and begin training for turnover, efficiency, and power.

Speaking of power, does anyone have Garmin Vectors than they would like to send my way?  I’d be ever so grateful!

Have a great week, everyone!