Run Day

Run Day.

What? You don’t hear my write about these as much?

You’re not missing anything. But I was.

Without a training plan, things sometimes don’t happen–that’s one of the lessons I have learned this year. Days can simply get away from me and pretty soon, it’s been a week or more since I ran!

Not any more. I’m uploading the Garmin Training Plan for Sprint Triathlons into my 920xt and will use it (again) religiously for my triathlon at the end of August. Without a coach, my 920xt training plan uploaded, or a plan actually written down in black and white, I just sometimes let it slide. Not good.


I’m not like my sister who just does it anyway. She is a special breed of woman though!

So, tomorrow, a short swim in the morning, then a quick bike and run on Friday!

What’s in store for today?  It’s move in day!  I’m moving to an office nearly three times the size of my current office (and the two before that)!  I cannot wait!

Next up? Finding an inexpensive couch to put in the office for students and colleagues to sit comfortably while talking with me!

Anti-Inflamatory Foods

Learning new things about health, nutrition, and fueling instead of just eating with an online seminar and discussion with another 200 Triathletes across the world.  Fascinating information, some of which I knew already or did not abuse, and other information that now has some logic behind it. Basically, eat the veggies I don’t like and don’t eat that which I love!  I already knew that, though.

I did want to share some information about anti-inflamatory sources from some dude named Dr. Weil (who is obviously into selling his product) who has an interactive chart of healthy foods.

Click on the photograph to go to his interactive chart. And do not consider this an endorsement!!  I am just sharing a “real food” chart that I found interesting. Ignore the rest of his website with my blessing.


Beginners Ride

Yesterday I may have dreaded this morning. Heat index to reach 114F today, but when my pup woke me up at 4:30am (thunder) and we had to bunker in the basement to protect us from the “scaries”, I worried that rain and thunder might cancel our ride.

Four hours later, it had pretty much cleared up and honestly, the morning’s ride turned out PERFECTLY!

Three women, one brand new to the ride (and a former student of ours who just received her PhD in Biology!)!  We had a great time. Overcast, a nice breeze–but not too much–and temps still in the 80s by the time we finished.

I’m still saddened by yesterday’s news, but it won’t stop me from encouraging women to get out on the trails with their friends, family, or even alone!

I have another triathlon next weekend, then we have three more beginner rides before we quit for the year. I will probably host a “trails ride” for them some time in September–picnic lunches or something.  What a great experience and an amazing, positive, and supportive group of women!  I hope they ask me again next year!

2016-07-23 10.00.48








It’s actually pretty awesome, to be honest. The very first time we rode together, the ride took 45 minutes and the group went about 4-5 miles. Each week they got better, more confident, and stronger. This time, we went 12 miles in just about an hour (keep in mind we’re having to stop for traffic and other slow folks on the trails).  This is AMAZING for these beginners!  I’m so proud of them!



Last month, I applied to serve as a Trek Women’s Ambassador–to encourage women to ride and be self-sufficient on the roads and trails.  I just missed out!


I was so honored to make it through the interview process, but as the interviewer said–there were about 100 awesome women who applied (of the 250 original applicants). They could only choose 50 this year.

I am so disappointed–I really wanted to be chosen!

Perhaps next year?  In the meantime, I will still do my Beginner Women’s Rides through the rest of the summer.  In the meantime, get out there and ride!